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Tomberlin E-Merge E2

The E-Merge series offers a new Village commute, one that is eco-friendly, safe and fun. with a top speed of 25 mph and a range of over 30 miles, the E-merge brings a whole new perspective to local travel in The Villages Floridas. For many Americans and Villagers, the only electric vehicle we’ve ever known is the golf cart. In many communities the golf carts began to stray from the golf course. They were convenient and fun to use for local travel and shopping, but they are not street legal. Tomberlin began producing a new generation of vehicle called a Low Speed Vehicle (LSV) that is both street legal and safe. With an E-Merge model to fit any customers lifestyle, Tomberlin’s line of LSVs are built with three things in mind: Safety, Style, and Performance. The E-Merge series is America’s most available and most affordable electric vehicle. With many of the safety features found on full sized cars the Tomberlin E-Merge LSVs can put fun and safety in in The Villages travel. Tomberlin: “Changing the way America Commutes” and changing the way The Villages Florida commutes! Read more

Tomberlin Anvil

Tomberlin Anvil The Eco-friendly ANVIL by Tomerlin is designed from the ground up a street legal low speed vehicle for The Village Florida residents looking for a street legal golf cart option. Completely powered by electricity and controlled by AC Power, it combines the latest advances in LSV technology offering a range of 40+ miles and a stylish modern design. The Tomberlin Anvil’s wheelbase, center of gravity and automotive tire and wheel package culminate to deliver the operator a true power stance among a sea of ordinary. Comfortable and reliable, the Tomberlin Anvil provides a non-polluting, zero emission alternative to short commuting in America’s neighborhoods like The Villages Florida and can be recharged overnight on a regular household outlet. Versatile and cleverly designed at a price that encourages real world utilization, the Tomberlin Anvil will quickly become its owners favorite vehicle. “We’ve made eco-friendly transportation not only available, but affordable, exhilarating and stylish.” Read more


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